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Privacy Policy

We do not and will not, sell, loan or otherwise share your login, user (or any private info) details with any outside party. Only will use your details for any reason and then only to track you as a user and the occasional email update that refers to this or our related sites only.

Refund Policy

If Your typing  Certificares  is not accepted by an employer, simply email us at with who rejected it and their contact details. As per the website, unless sure , test the site by doing a single self print test, if the site is faulty, or or the certificate is not accepted by those it was intended for, US$7.85 will be refunded. No refund will be  given that don't follow the written and audio instructions.

1) Take the up to five tests in the 24 hours after you pay for them.

2) No refunds for purchases of multiple tests before checking with
the receiver, total = US$7.85

2) Take all tests one after theother x=sould onltake 5 8minutes