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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing :
Mavis Beacon has taught millions to type! "My wife recently learned to type with Mavis, she is getting faster and faster!" Highly recommended!
Numeric Typing Skills Certification : An Internet based test that accurately assesses your numeric typing speed and accuracy on a numeric keypad.
Typing Game Online : Typer Shark game. You choose basic online or download and then type to play!
Typing Tutor :

Typing Tutor Download Online

This excellent software is written in order to increase your English keyboard typing speed, through teaching the basics of how to put your hand on to the keyboard and give some training examples. Each lesson teaches some extra keys, and there is also a practice, if it is chosen, one can practice the previous keys learned through the previous lessons. The words chosen in the practice are mostly meaningful and relates to the tough keys.

The first window, contains two columns, the left column carry the user names. The program can enable different users to work on the same computer, and each user has his own data, and details as the last lesson he reached and his typing speed. The right column carries the buttons as shown. 
The first button is "Typing Lessons", this is used to learn how to use the keyboard through 12 lessons, and each lesson adds about 2-4 keys and teaches the hidden secrets of typing.
The second button is "Typing practice", this is used to practice typing, the software shows a document to write and checks what is written and then will give an overview of how many mistakes the user made and how many correct hits and so on.
The third button is "Typing game", this is used to play an interesting typing game, where some letters are falling and the user has to hit the correct letters to gain points and there are different levels, in each level the falling speed will increase.
The fourth button is "Statistics", it is to show the statistics of the available users working with the program.
The fifth button is "Change name", it is used to change the name of the user.
The sixth button is "Delete user", it is used if you want to delete a user.
The seventh button is "Register", it is to register the software and to send feedback.

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