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What Others are Saying - Reviews about Online Typing Certification




Thank you for the refund I hope that information helps you and I thought your service was great :)

--Melissa H








That is the correct address and thanks so much for getting back to me so promptly.  I was able to get a split keyboard for my home computer so that way I can now type as fast at home as I do at work so I'm very excited.  I have the possibility of working for a school district here locally and yours are the only certificates they accept so you should be proud to have a company that is trusted.


Thanks again I'll be looking for the certificate and appreciate your help.










Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to improve my typing skill through your good website. I laways enjoy taking all the typing practice tests which you provide to many people who want to enhance their typing skilll...

-Elma Borja






Thank you Ian!  I think this certificate was a real hit when the lady I interviewed with said, "Wow, you can type REAL fast!"  Thank you for this certificate!

Best Regards,

Jaclyn Power






See interview above about why we are #1 on Google and for details of our eBook offer and samples of the certificates we issue.









As you can see, I’m one of those that had a high school typing teacher with a  very thick ruler!  You’ve been great to work with and I appreciate your quick response to my questions.  I’ll definitely be using for all my typing certification needs.  Thanks again!


Have a great day!

Linda Higbee

Administrative Assistant

Purdue University - Tipton County Extension Education Center






I am Taura Golafshan and my comments are :




this is the best typing test i ever took,

it is soo helpful, and its free!

This test is also soooo much fun!

i got 42wpm, and 0 mistakes!

thank u soo much!


I just love your site. It lets you see how fast & accurate you type and it would be great for my son to see how fast he can type as well. He is graduating from high school next month and he was not sure how fast he types.

What a great idea.


Rochelle Avila



That is G R E A T as I didn't do so hot. It blew me away!

Thanks - Sue Weston


I am cherie  smith and my comments are : i just wanted to say thank youfor giving me the credit that you did although i didnt get 40 words per minute for this new job. i went from 31 to 39 so thank you 4 that



Thank you for the educational and fun information.

--Marie Musall


thanks I already got a job, actually the job that I was going for at the time I used your tutor stuff.

That's a great idea, very helpful.

--Jessica Kelman


I am gregg  parvin and my comments are : The test was awsome!!!  I loved it. Thanks for letting me try it.


Thank you Ian for your excellent customer service [I'm a devout advocate!]. Happy, healthy New Year to you [and yours].

--Suzan B.


Thank you very much for your help, and getting back to me so incredibly quickly. I truly appreciate it.

Happy New Year.

Thanks again,

Jaclyn Soto


To whom it may concern:

I truly enjoyed the practice test on your website. Thank you for creating this the typing certification site it is very useful!


Halimah Ali


I am DawnMarie  Lorenc and my comments are : Thank you very much for the free typing test. It has been years since I tested myself and I was pleasantly surprised to see my score. Have a GREAT Day.


Thank you for your prompt response.

I was finally able to get back to your site. I chose the other payment option (not PayPal) and it got me right back to where I needed to be.

That was a very generous to offer the comp tests! I have taken my tests, and won't be needing them (or maybe I do?? LOL) I will refer you to my friends!

Stephanie Farina


I am Polly Wong and my comments are : Thank you for the free sample typing. This is a good way for people to check their skill and to see if they would like to advance with your classes and other offers.


Thank you I have printed it. Took me several tries but finally did it. I appreciate your site. It was user friendly and reasonably priced.







Tanks so much for the quick action in this issue.  It was great!  I love your site and have recommended it to people for being easy to use...

--Pamela Shawn Bryan






Good morning Ian,  I contacted PayPal last night and they told me to notify you.  I will make the payment again today.  Thanks for replying Ian.   I really like your service and I referred your company to a friend. Thanks again, Veronica R




I just wanted to let people know that this site was very user friendly and when I had a problem with not receiving my certificate in the mail Ian with the company was surprised because this does not happen often. He was very helpful with getting my refund and making sure he did everything possible for me to make sure I had something to take to my interview and was very sorry for the inconvenience.  I would definitely recommend using this site for all my future certificates.

--Nick P (USA)