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Keyboarding skills
Added on Thursday, July 6, 2006

Think you don't need keyboarding skills? Better think again!

Whether you call it keyboarding or typing, the computer age has set a whole new level of expectations when it comes to landing a job. People without adequate keyboarding skills are soon going to be frozen out of all but the most menial jobs. In fact, it's already happening to many people right now.

Computers have changed everything. While keyboarding or typing was a skill that once was only expected only of administrative assistants and clerical employees, the widespread use of computers at almost every job level has made keyboarding skills a universal job requirement.

Computers run nearly everything these days. Even the delivery drivers that bring packages to your home or business use hand-held computers to track deliveries. Good keyboarding skills can mean the difference between getting offered a new job or promotion, and getting left out in the cold. How do your keyboarding skills measure up? Do you know?

If you're not sure, then maybe it's time for you to take a free online typing or keyboarding test and find out for yourself. If it turns out that you need some improvement, there are plenty of keyboard lesson typing programs that you can access for free.

These keyboarding lesson programs are designed to improve both your typing speed and accuracy. Good keyboarding skills reduce data entry or typing mistakes and improve your personal productivity. There isn't much demand for hunt-and-peck keyboarders these days, so you need to stay trained. That's what keyboard lesson typing programs help you do.

The best way to start down the path of improving your keyboarding skills is to take a free online keyboarding test like the one offered at our practice test. The test is quick and it's free. Once you take the keyboarding test you've establish your basline skills. Then, all you have to do is start using the free online keyboarding games and keyboarding tutors and return to the keyboarding test web site to check your improvement. Before you know it, the time that you invested using the keyboard lesson typing software will have paid off and you can apply for that new job or promotion confident that you have what it takes to succeed.

Even if your current job doesn't require keyboarding skills, it probably will soon. You don't want to be labeled a technology dinosaur, so the time to build your keyboarding skills is now before you need them.

Here's what I recommend for anyone who either needs to improve their existing keyboarding skills, or wants to be ready with those skills when the time comes to use them:

Go to our practice test and take our free online keyboarding test. See what your speed and accuracy score is to start. Then, take advantage of the free online keyboarding games and keyboarding tutors to improve your skills. You'll be in a much better position to earn more money once your keyboarding skills match the expectations of today's employers.